Liane Werdina

Campbellford Rural Market

The Campbellford Market is a response to lack of cultural infrastructure and food resources in the town of Campbellford in Trent Hills, Ontario. The project is a proposal for a new food market typology alongside the Trent River which doubles as a boat storage facility for the fishing community. The conjunction of infrastructure and a cultural food market allows for the community to interact with different community members and introduces tourists to the community. The structure playfully connects to the riverside, inviting in boaters to stop and invest in local food and entertainment. The boats act as canopies and design elements that are suspended over outdoor seating areas and circulation paths.

Allowing for a flexible market space in the center of a rural town encourages small businesses and local food growth. The steel structure allows for different sizes of market stalls to be erected for small businesses, local food producers, and make-shift makers spaces. The project is modular in its form, allowing for future growth and replication over the town for different needs and services. The playful nature of the project allows for the community to have agency over a multiplicity of small-scale interventions. The structure can host playgrounds, entertainment, music, and community activities. The project proposes a new typology for the rural community to connect through food and encourage the local boating industry.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.