Mahin Haynes—Montgomery Sisam Architects Inc. Award

About the Award
This award is intended for students who identify as BIPOC who are enrolled in any year of study in the undergraduat architectural science program who addresses the role of architecture in creating and promoting equitable and diverse communities.

ASC101 students were tasked with creating a dominant void; to optionally serve as a commemorative piece for any event that had occurred locally to the student.

The Den is a 2.7 metre tall commemorative art installation that serves as a reminder of the the foxes that were killed in the May of 2021. The local foxes had created a den underneath the boardwalk in The Beaches of Toronto, and were subsequently plastered over social media and treated as an attraction. This lead to their deliberate deaths by an unknown perpetrator. This is a space for users to think about issues surrounding transparency, security, and privacy.

The Den is composed of two shells; an inner and outer shell with opposing entrances. This forces users of the space to warp and bend their bodies to access the interior void, akin to a den. The choice of material is to represent the transparency the foxes must have experienced due to their home becoming a tourist spot.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.