Storytelling Festival Headquarters

The Toronto Storytelling Festival Headquarters is meant to contain three major spaces: one for offices, a cafe, and a special place for the telling of stories. The goal of this project is to curate these spaces to be defined and logical in their placement both regarding program for flexible use and as a direct response to the site. Situated at the corner of Webster Ave and Avenue Rd, the way these forms are sculpted, subtracted and receded define each space and responds to how light enters each space. The cafe is located at ground level, with majority of the building situated above with the storytelling space and the offices situated around a courtyard.

The main entrance located along Webster Ave is associated with the specialness of the storytelling space as it is only apparent from the more peaceful and quiet Webster Ave. The second entrance, directed to the cafe, is much more visible along the more busy Avenue Rd. The entrances separate and contrast the openess of the cafe space and the intimacy of the storytelling space. On the second floor, the transparency of the court allows light to enter the surrounding spaces. Large sliding glass doors allow direct access from the storytelling space to the courtyard, and allows the storytelling space to be fully enclosed during a performance.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.