b y h a n d

This project shows a possible future for a portion of the Allen Gardens site in a Rentist future (inequality and abundance).

rentism has focused the world’s economy to the sale of intellectual property. tangible objects are produced by a replicator through code. a desire has grown for what the replicator cannot replicate; the real.

at the rehabilitation centre for reality, residences are greeted by a familiar environment; they work where they live. they are given a choice of four occupations; farmer, sewer, maker, cook. staff educate and assist patients in their physical labour. compensation is given as access to our other amenities; the park, the museum, the recreation centre. to create a friendly environment, architectural typologies are defined by archetypical forms. our generations desire for complexity in design, due to the abundant capabilities of the replicator is met through materiality.
a super material, self-supporting, insulating and service providing deforms the archetypical architecture through the nature of its web-like characteristics. homes are hung above the work space to provide residences the comfort of privacy. like physical labour, real-life socializing will be exhaustive. However, full rehabilitation requires socialization. the most difficult, yet most transformative task to perform, is at the centre of each residential community; the social space.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.