Nohemi Lopez Taylor—The Irena K. Orlowski Award

About the Award
Provides support to a student in 2nd, 3rd or 4th year, and is based on academic achievement and a contribution and involvement in university life and bettering the world around them.

The Steps to Learning project is a project which engages local kindergarteners at CSPS with different modules that focus on different styles of learning. The modules are categorized by auditory, visual, kinesthetic, and relaxation. Each module engages with the children in detailed and profound ways, showing how to create noise or solve puzzles through CNC’d engravings. Each module is in the shape of a different type of show and is to have integrated artwork that will be done as a workshop with the local school children, as this way they will be able to make their personal mark on the design. These modules allow for options to learn and play in different ways and engage children based on their interests.

The Bancroft housing complex is a project that is meant to integrate different family living conditions and a community space into one. The community space allocated was an arts center. As Bancroft is a location filled with inspiring landscapes as well as an aging community the arts center would allow for people to use the local scenery to their advantage. Materials of brick and wood are used in different portions of the building to distinguish the public and private realms. The public art space fronting one of the busier streets in Bancroft it was made so that the facade would display a gallery that passerbys could enjoy.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.