Martin Road Estate Winery: Extension

The Martin Road Estate Winery is seamless with the landscape of the vineyards. The approach forms a bold transition as there is feeling of unknown for the user for what is beyond the wall. Crossing over the water way creates a feeling of bringing the site into the building’s space. Once in the building the idea of bringing the site to life within the over arching structure is apparent. The operable doors create an opening from the site, through the event space, to an open courtyard, through the production space and out to continue the site on the opposing side. This accentuating void allows for a formal connectivity of the building to the site. This connection is heightened through the linear structure that mimics the vine formation on site and the elongating barrel cellar below. The wine process, human experience and accentuated site features are all connected to provide an all-encompassing journey through the space.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.