Abraham Paez Ramirez, Daniel Ko, Laura Liang, Nicole De Claro

Request For Proposal Coventry University Campus International Centre

General Project Information:

LAND ASSOCIATES in Response to a Request For Proposal from Coventry University for an International Project to be located in the city of Barcelona, Spain, proposed an energy efficient building that minimizes building footprint and construction cost, while maintaining required functions and provides optimal user experience. The transparent building façade shaded by movable aluminum louvers allows occupants the beautiful sea-side view, while resistant to the strong ocean wind and sun exposure. Other sustainable strategies incorporated into the design include passive building typology, use of natural daylight above a central atrium, energy-efficient brick façade, and an integration of photovoltaic panels combined with green roof.

Preliminary Cost Estimating:

Two different cost estimates were taken into consideration with different construction cost indices for Barcelona. The first estimate was conducted using the cost information of similar types of buildings within Spain, whereas the second estimate was presented using 2018 data from the International Construction Market Survey 2019. These estimates are preliminary, meaning that they are initial estimates to present an idea of the construction cost to the clients.

Pedestrian Bridge Link Proposal:

A shaded walkway is designed to supplement the campus to allow users of the building to a nearby viewing platform and to the urban core. The walkway integrates the use of solar panels and permeable paving.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.