Lıne ın Archıtecture: inhabiting drawing

ınhabıtıng drawıng Parandıs Abdı The line is often diminished to only what is drawn, masking its complexity. The line in architecture is an encapsulation of all the drawing, thinking, and writing conducted within the design process. However, there is ambiguity among these three components. The drawn line, the line of thought, and the line of text weave together to create the line in architecture. To examine this, the line in architecture is employed to inhabit the primary medium of idea development — drawing. It is through drawings that architecture evolves beyond a representational capacity. Inhabiting is not only a physical phenomenon, as inhabitation has many forms. In order to inhabit architecture, drawings are to be seen as more than just drawn lines, and inhabited by acknowledging the complexity of the line in architecture. Through the embodiment of a personal architectural design process, this thesis aims to reveal the line’s inherent composition and, as a result, inhabit drawing.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.