YEAR 3 & 4

Pranjl Sharma—General Contractors’ Section TCA Award

About the Award
Overall excellence of demonstrated interest in project management.

Architecture school has been a journey in discovering my capabilities, interest and what I can contribute to the world. The last three years have provided me with several opportunities to design and develop my critical thinking skills. I wanted to take the opportunity in my final year to further my understanding of the practical decisions made in a construction project. By parting with design and evaluating my interest and strengths in project management, I have chosen to pursue the project management stream. Academically, I have always been eager to learn about the practical measures in the AEC industry and how projects are brought to life beyond the scope of design. Current academic work that has furthered my curiosity about project management is conducting feasibility studies, requests for prequalification and developing scheduling and costing plans. While these topics were brought to attention in the third year, there has been a greater understanding and appreciation developed through my current coursework.

Beyond my academic interest, my interest in the leadership and social aspect of buildings led me toward project management. I have been heavily involved in extracurricular activities that have allowed me to exercise my leadership skills and have helped me understand the type of career I hope to lead. I have been part of the AIAS Chapter at Ryerson since my first year and have had tremendous opportunities to take leadership and provide support for students both academically and professionally. Unknowingly, over the past three years, I have applied the business and social aspect of Project management to my everyday life by initiating, organizing and problem-solving to make things happen.

Architecture will forever be a part of my life and I am hoping to play to my strength of leadership, organization and facilitation to do my best and allow others to do so too. The scholarship will be a great aid in helping me focus my energy on my work, educationally and professionally and making sure that I can go above and beyond my goals.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.