YEAR 3 & 4

Ryan Ma—Ted Libfeld BILD Scholarship

About the Award 
Best performance by a student who has completed an Architecture course with a focus in Housing Design.

Named the Del Velo, meaning “of the veil” in Italian, the Heintzman piano museum and conservatory is designed to be an inviting and welcoming space that can both exhibit the various aspects of a Heintzman piano and allow for the education and practice of the musical arts. The curvilinear mass of the building in which the majority of the open space programming inhabits is anchored through the two rectilinear axes in the rear of the building. The curved form allows large amounts of diffused soft lighting to enter deep into the building as well as creates a unique, boundless ethereal atmosphere within. The “veil” around the building conceals the skeleton of the building and contributes to the diffusion of natural lighting within the building. The frosted veil creates a sense of mystery when viewed from the exterior and the soft curves allow for a soft and comfortable appearance.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.