Sana Kadri—AIA Henry Adams Medal & RAIC Honour Roll

About the Award
A graduate who displays excellence throughout their academic career.

Ephemeral Boundaries: Toward A Fluidity of Space

The thesis Ephemeral Boundaries is approached at the intersection of substance, energy, and architecture. Boundaries define the distinctive attributes of space through their material, thermal and perceptual qualities. While ephemerality describes the continuous interaction of boundaries through their fleeting nature. Thermodynamic study provides alternate possibilities of enclosure, creating negotiations between architectural elements, atmospheric environments, and the body. The introduction of gradients and heterogeneity in air, defined by movement, temperature, humidity, and density, drive an alternative approach to buildings that are served by mechanical systems. The orientation of the body-environment is used to explore sensations, variability, and evolving understandings of space. The design project of the Garden Gallery explores boundaries as a composition of experiential space, movement of substances, and spaces of attraction. This thesis explores active nature and boundaries of the body-environment relationship as they lead toward a fluidity of space.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.