Sarah Tyl

A Point of Intersection

This library aims to integrate inclusion and intersectionality into the fibre of the University.
Due to our location, we celebrate an extremely diverse student body, and therefore the library must respond and create a space that is welcoming to all community members. Intersectionality is a framework for understanding how aspects of an individual’s social and political identities combine to create different modes of privilege and discrimination.

The vision for the future library is to create a hub that promotes intersectionality on a social level while creating overlapping spaces for social learning and community connection on a physical level. The key concept behind this project is to highlight the library experience as a series of intersections that provide access to an abundant reservoir of knowledge that connects us to the world and those around us; intersections between written literature, technology, art and most importantly community.

This proposal focuses on the threshold of overlapping space between the interior and exterior. The building is opened up to the new expanse of green space within the heart of campus creating a unique interior-exterior connection within an urban campus. This connection is celebrated through a wood louvre screen acting as a filtration device for both campus activity and sunlight. Students are welcomed into the library with an equal experience for all with a barrier-free entrance and main circulation systems. The ground floor acts as an extension of the public realm, upon entry, students and community members are welcomed into an active study and social space with inclusive feature elevators dividing the space. Within this threshold, the overlapping space between the library and Kerr Hall park takes on an identity of its own, creating a quiet, contemplation space for those who need a rest from the busy hustle and bustle of Toronto. This is a place to catch your breath, wait for a friend, or simply enjoy the green space regardless of the season. This is a place for everyone - celebrating inclusion and all community members. The building will act as a point of intersection where the campus, city, and community overlap, creating a place where the infinite networks of social and education connections can exist and interact within one building.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.