Martin Road Estate Winery

Vineyards are made up of plants, grown in the ground, organized into rows spanning great distances. This is done to allow for efficiency during harvesting and maintenance. Branches are strung together by wires to dictate the direction and behavior of their growth.

This concept of a natural form being regulated into a rigid system highlights a duality of elements such as form, movement, and balance. This sense of contrast also pertains to the production of wine, compared to the experience of it. Wine production being a linear and structured process, and the experience of wine, being vibrant and expressive in its enjoyment.
Natural light into the fermentation cellar needs to be controlled. The building massing that will benefit from natural light, such as retail, lobby and office spaces are situated in south and west facing directions, concealing the fermentation cellar from areas with the most direct sun light. This portion of the building is arranged along the east and north facing side where there is the least amount of direct sun light during the day.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.