Snow Cone

Snowcone was designed to transform in response to the unpredictable Toronto winter weather. In sunny weather, it insulates by gathering sunlight like a greenhouse, and filters colourful light to create interesting shadows and effects like stained glass. In stormy weather, it collects snow in its petals and takes advantage of its insulating properties, like an igloo. The public is encouraged to crawl into the structure, keep warm inside the cavity, and even interact with the lifeguard stand. Aside from physical warmth, the bright colours instantly evoke a warm atmosphere of play and whimsy. 

The structure is all at once a colourful eye-catching piece of art, but also a warming hut for visitors at the beach.

The aerodynamic, asymmetrical structure appears windswept, reflective of the windy beach climate. Petals and angled strategically to either provide further protection from the wind on the south-west, or to reveal pops of colour and offer views of the boardwalk on the north-east side. Using quick, recyclable materials, the installation reanimated the lifeguard stations, which are typically unused during the winter months. By extension, it encourages the community as well as visitors to the city to explore and celebrate our winter beach landscape.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.