YEAR 3 & 4

Tatiana Estrina—Sepp Hannikainen Memorial Award

About the Award
For students who have completed all applicable Construction Management courses and demonstrated overall academic proficiency.

Within the field of construction management, Tatiana has had several opportunities to be a part of design-build initiatives, with experiences ranging from design to fabrication to leadership.. 

Initially helping out as a volunteer for the ParkletTO and the Bata Blooms projects, she was then able to be project, design and fabrication lead for an immersive installation for Grow Op 2018. The project, Stratum, was inspired by the erosion at the Scarborough bluffs. Composed of a series of CNC plywood panels that gradually ‘eroded’ as the viewer walked along the display. The eroded areas of the panels were filled with a mixture of Isomalt and Tonic water ,which would allow for a clear candy-like surface that would glow when placed under black-light. Tatiana and her team were tasked with not only the design development for this project, but also coordination, logistics, budgeting, and fabrication. Working with a number of volunteers, the team were able to fabricate and install the project for it’s display at the Gladstone Hotel, even winning the Seed Development Award as a part of the exhibition.
The following year, Tatiana has the opportunity to be a part of the project team for the Icebreakers 2019 festival. She played a major role in both the design and fabrication through her contributions of parametrically generating iterations, and fabrication files. Again, she worked with her team in order to realize the complex pavilion structure, balancing volunteers, fabrication, logistics, and budgets. The installation, Tripix, was on display in HTO park for 2 months, during very harsh climatic conditions, before being invited to be displayed in CelebrateTO at Nathan Phillips Square.

Team members for Stratum: Jiaqi Liu, Thomas Gomez-Ospina, Shengyu Cai

Team Members for Tripix: Gloria Zhou, Vivian Kinuthia, Florencio IV Tameta, Thomas  Gomez-Ospina

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.