Current Exhibition:

Collaborative Exercise 2021

Rather than a design process that begins with form, site or program, this Collaborative trained students in a design method that begins by reflecting and narrating the perspective of core community stakeholders whose voices are often not heard or considered.

Q1: Food & Connection
Q2: Capacity Building
Q3: Placemaking

Q4: Third Space
Q5: Health & Prosperity

To view our inaugural online exhibition, the 2020 Year End Show, click here.


Question posed: Within the neighbourhood food environment, how can we create alternative design(s)-a combination of place and experience-that connect(s) food security and health to a rich inclusive social experience?

To the community of Parkdale.. This food circulation program is open to all. Please be kind and respectful. Take what you need and leave what you don’t. LOOPED is a non-profit food circulation program provided for the community to fight against food waste, while providing a safe a healthy meal to those in need. If available, download our application ‘LOOPED’ to get daily notifications. Messages will also be available on the community board located on the main food shelter ‘POD’.

This idea stems from the need for food literacy to educate the community for knowledge and independence within the community of Parkdale. This system can provide information and skills on healthy diet planning because of the lack guidance and food literacy. This application and program becomes a safe space for residents of various backgrounds to come together and connect. With the high growing population of those in need for food, LOOPED provides a food circulation program that allows restaurants and citizens to donate their unused and unwanted food to the community fridges located in Parkdale.

Ryerson Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.