Tetyana Gradyuk, Jasmin (Minji) Kim 

Circular Urbanism: A "Do Tank":
Urban Farm-Rise

Urban Farm-rise envisions housing as more than a product of living, but a service which feeds back into the growth of the economy and community. The proposal will provide a framework for its tenants to be socially and culturally connected to Shoppers World Brampton’s circular food economy through a series of urban farming strategies that promote business and self-sustaining practices. Through food, the community can engage in a variety of activities which help to promote a knowledgeable, engaging, and self-sustaining community. People can participate in the process through growing, harvesting, distributing, making, educating, consuming, sharing, as well as composting and recycling goods consumed at the end of their cycle. While maintaining a sense of community enclosure, the proposal will achieve high density with a focus on the human scale relationship to the urban green landscape. Sociability is introduced through inter-generational living and flexible shared spaces of activity. The project strives to foster a sense of community and place the inhabitant’s wellbeing at the forefront through design circularity.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.