Tyler Chui—IBI Group Architects Award

About the Award
The Award recognizes a student who has completed the 3rd year in the Bachelor of Architectural Science degree program, demonstrating excellence in the third-year Architecture Option Studio (ASC 520 & ASC 620).

3rd year studio was developed in two parts – one per semester. They were both aimed to design a performing Arts Centre for the company NIA located in Toronto’s Little Jamaica community. NIA is an organization for the appreciation of arts across the African Diaspora and is a hub for the community that showcases art and provides youth mentorship programs and workshops. The chosen site for both projects is located at the ‘5 points’ intersection in the hub of the Little Jamaica neighborhood.

The first studio project from ASC520, was developed through responding to the surrounding infrastructure. With the creation of storefronts that undulate along the façade that allow for variety and human scale when walking along Oakwood Ave. To activate the North intersection, the proposal’s roof reaches into the outdoor public space as a canopy with the sense of enclosure and security while still being outdoors.

The second studio project from ASC620, was in pairs with Kristen D’Penna and dove into the gentrified neighborhood with murals all over and aimed the design to focus on the arts as a unifying factor. The configuration of the design has two main forms that wrap around the public space and lead people to the outdoor destination which becomes connected to the indoor activities.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.