The DAS Year End Show is a cumulation of the best student work from all programs in the department in any academic year. It is an opportunity to highlight the immense talent, hard work and skill that goes into creating work that pushes boundaries and responds to the times and the prevailing issues we are living through.

As Chair, I am especially proud of this year’s selected works in this exhibition. To say that this has been a difficult year for our students is an understatement. For a discipline that is particularly collaborative, hands on and deeply immersed in studio culture, the isolation that accompanies virtual learning has been undoubtedly challenging. Despite these setbacks, students have found new ways to produce integrative and interesting projects. The work on display here recognizes students who have gone over and beyond in overcoming those challenges to create work that exemplifies the academic rigor, outside-the-box creativity, and technical skills the program values. Further, from building equitable and just communities, to solutions to climate change and pandemic life, these projects speak to the inspired and important solutions architecture students can offer to the multi-faceted issues of our time.
As with everything at DAS, this exhibition is a product of team effort. My sincere thanks to students, faculty and staff for working together to give us something wonderful to celebrate at the end of a very atypical academic year.

Dr. Mark Gorgolewski
Chair, Department of Architectural Science Ryerson University

Exhibition Credits

Thank you to the Department of Architectural Science with generous support by staff:

Kathleen Sojor Champlin, Administration Manager
Michal Bartosik, IT Technician
Leo Roytman, IT Specialist
Eileen Xiao, Exhibition Assistant
Devanshi Jagota, Social Media Assistant
Alex Berceanu, Communications, Archive Specialist and Exhibition Coordinator

2021 Year End Show Sponsors

Participating Students

Monica Zheng
Jana Stojanovska
Todd Collis
Hui Shan Cao
Ariel Weiss
Justin Lieberman
Hunter Kauremszky
Horia Curteanu
Mathieu Howard
Tyler Chui
Ludovica Pasini
Adneth Marie Kaze
Samantha Stein
Elizabeth Young
Justin Arbesman
Michael Choi
Caleb Culmone
Vivian Kinuthia
Liane Werdina
Lena Ma
Benjamin Bomben
Shumael Amir
Sophie Twarog
Rita Ruotao Wang
Shengnan Gao
Tatiana Estrina
Annette Chan
Khana Daniyal
Oshin Shah
Laura Liang
Abraham Paez Ramirez
Daniel Ko
Nicole De Claro
Caitlin Chin
Chanel Wase
Sally (Jia) Huang
Tess Macpherson
Adam Hollings
Emily Phagoo
Jack Hache
Meredith Davis
Jiaqi Daniel Liu
Kavita Garg
Julie Guevara
Muhammad Ghaffar
Heba Al-Fayez
Emily Guan
Jana Stojanovska
Mary Gozum
McGall Baraceros
Jana Stojanovsk
Christina Vo 
Marc Fernandez
Nirav Mistry
Amanda Lang
Charissa Medrano
Dea Permana
Erika Arriola
Julia Sider
Jackson Rothenburg
Katy Cao
Muhammad Ghaffar
Jessica Amyot
Evan Hills
Julia Di Giorgio
Jessica Iozzo
Matthew Chetcuti
Connor Scoffield
Jack Dalgleish-Morel
James Goodeve
Marian Molina Garcia
Kristen D'Penna
Gabriel Garofalo
Andrew Lee
Devanshi Jagota
Paulina Panus
Xiao Zhang
Sena Emre
Nicole Burdynewicz
Madison Foote
Vivian Kwan
Sang-Kyu (Stephan) Joo
Nan Xiao
Julia Jose
Nicola Caccavella
Tobi Omisore
Rutuja Atre
Ata Jan-Ahmadnejad
Steph Tzanis
Ghazal Sonboli
Keziah Folarin-Babatunde
Shirin Golkarieh
Noel Kristen Cochon
Abi Nareshkumar
Farabi Bashar
Simran Munde
Pouriya Jafarpur
Mohammad Fazeli

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Ryerson Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.