Gallery on Church

As an artist working at the juncture between Art and Architecture, Laurence Breton pro­vides a unique view of revealing the objective existence of materials, the exploration be­tween a plane and an infinite space, and the way materials being manipulated that is the process of production and transformation.

In a built form way, the museum will attempt to establish an architectural response to Lawrence Breton’s art by revealing the mainsprings and intelligence of her creation. It fo­cuses on exploring the integrity of materials and the way it is transformed into a space of painting. The inner space is designed to be introverted to reinforce the intensity of the at­mosphere which becomes independent from urban environment. The strong sense of ma­teriality is brought by rawness and imperfection of corten steel and cement, incorporated with the manipulation of exaggerated space and human scale, the museum is designed to immerse the visitors with the spirit of Laurence Breton.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.