Year End Show

For our inaugural online exhibition, the Ryerson Department of Architectural Science showcased our 2020 Year End Show, featuring our best student work. At DAS, we encourage students to test boundaries, explore new possibilities, and apply their skill to prevailing issues present within their evolving surroundings. This annual exhibition presented the culmination of the 2019-2020 academic term, showcasing the impressive and cutting-edge works of our top students in all four years of study and at the graduate level.

        Communications Studio: ASC 101
        City Stories: ASC 201
        Design Studio II: ASC 301
        Design Studio III: ASC 401
        Integration Studio I: ASC 520
        Integration Studio II: ASC 620

        Architecture Studio: ARC 720
        Architecture Studio: ARC 820

        Building Science Studio I: BSC 720
        Building Science Studio II: BSC 820

        Studio in Critical Practice: AR8101
        Seminar in Critical Practice: AR8102
        Studio in Collaborative Practice: AR8103

        Building Design Seminar/Studio: BL8104

Martin Road Estate Winery - Niagara

The inspiration of this design for the winery came from the analysis of the tectonics and geology of the site. Upon visiting the site, I discovered that there are some unevenly distributed cracks throughout the gleysolic soil. The soil is the foundation for producing flavorful grape that can later be processed into wines, hence the design intent played off from the patterning of the soil. I lowered the building into the earth, to have the roof at ground level with the earth. The roof will share the same formation of cracks as the soil, and some of the cracks are designed to be windows that will allow lights into the building. There are two towers of my winery that will peak out from the ground, just like the vines. Their exterior cladding compose majorly of polycarbonate at the bottom and transparent glass on top. This design shares the idea of grafting of the European grape vines with the North American grape vines. It is a combination of two identical materials to produce something better.