Adrian Chiu

By the will of the Kollektive, we denounce a hierarchy of decadence and corruption. A vapid world that consumed itself, where resources were squandered for the inane goals of rank and avarice. Once eleven billion strong filled with vitality, now reduced to a scattered population and a ruined world. The system of yore, rendered obsolete by its own rapacity, brought an incurable affliction to the world we inhabit. And yet we must continue to toil, to work towards the resurrection of nature and its abundance: the promised future. Only through the Kollektive, can we achieve this grand design. One must work, in order for one to receive. We can only provide when we have laboured. One must think of the many, and the many will think of one. It is only through universal equality that people will have salvation from our own destruction. The Kollektive Manifesto – Champion of the Proletariat.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.