Research of Synthetic Biology in Socialism

Luisa Gonzalez

Research of Synthetic Biology in SocialismThe world has undergone an atmospheric catastrophe where nature cannot survive within 20 meters above ground. The remaining population was forced to explore means of living either below or above ground. With the remaining scarce resources and an emphasis on regenerating nature, scientists and architects have come together to research and build synthetic biology through man-made structures that will allow entire ecosystems to flourish and absorb exterior fumes, photosynthesize, and create interior atmosphere that can then be replicated in a grander scale. The majority of the research is underground; its facilities constitute of trial and error for different biological compounds to be produced. Each ecosystem’s shells are grown differently to accommodate for climate, humidity, and porosity, allowing filtration systems between the shells to feed and nourish each other. The longterm goal of the research centre is to create self-sustained ecosystems that can absorb the toxic atmosphere and allow nature to floruish again.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.