Game of Life

Liane Werdina

Physical Reality
The physical world feeds of abundance of resources and technology. With no government bodies data and technology are the only "all- seeing" things and humans live in isolation, housed in their individual units by birth with no need to leave with their reliance on digital reality.

Digital Escape
The digital becomes the reality, fabricated to stimulate ideas, creativity, interaction and wonder. With the ability to fully immerse in smell, sound, and sight, the only thing left unsatisfied is touch. The virtual acts as a simulated landscape for civilians to interact and meet without physical preconceptions and barriers, before intimately connecting.

Rules of the Game
(1) Participate daily
(2) Reach your innovation goal
(3) Collect satisfaction points
(4) Make your meta-physical connection

Digital Features
Cloud sharing memories
Atmospheric simulations
Download assets
Customize your avatar

The in- between state, the transition of physical to digital is undefined for this society as the false reality is used to distract from the isolation of their world. Fantasies are shared and downloaded, customized to simulate memories, environments and socialization that attempt to mimic human connection.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.