Recreation 2057

Brant York

Advancement in technology, changes in politics, and the growing social-digital realm has drastically changed the way humans recreate. How architecture approaches recreation is centred around new concepts of what is considered leisure in today's world, and how spaces might accommodate and enhance those activities. Simultaneously, the architecture should work to express equality as a reflection of our current socialist society and its values.
Recreation ‘57 explores architectural and programmatic theories expressed through schematic design. Advanced construction techniques, and digital and cognitive euphoric integration are explored through the form, spatial qualities, and how the user might choose to interact with the building program and its spaces recreationally.

Dancing and Music
Utilizing electro-reactive fabrics and finishes, the dance hall becomes a “pulsating room” as the floors, walls, and ceiling move with the user in response to the frequencies of the music. Sensitive to human touch, it causes no direct abrupt disruption to the users dancing but produces an envelope in visual and interactive environment.

VR Centre
Fitted with omni-directional cognitive virtual reality orbs (O.C.V.R.O), this space alters in response to the VR users. Orbs fitted into the ceiling 15 meters above undulate up and down during cognitive stimulation. They interact with the users below while providing near perfect motion simulation for the orb user. Netted floors situated under hanging plant life create welcoming and comfortable lounge spaces that view into the rave centre below, while also functioning as waiting spaces for VR orb users. Surrounding walls within this room can simulate a range of atmospheric conditions for user enjoyment.

Lounge & Beach
The main entrance level provides 2 routes: Towards the beach, or the stimulation/recovery lounge. The beach is fitted with two large tropical landscapes surrounded by a ring of swimming water. Glass bottom floors in the pools allow users to peer into the VR space below. Openings above the tropical landscapes bring light and breeze into the beach. Remaining open floor space acts as a beachfront, with areas for changing spaces, or other possible amenities.
The Lounge operates solely by its interactive floor. Digital frameworks in the flooring are programmable, forming specifically designed lounge spaces, completely customizable to the user's whims. Large transparent aluminum openings bring soft northern light into the space, for calming experience.

Elevated Level
When inspired, users of the recreational facility are free to access the upper-level floor, where opportunities to explore art and music are plentiful. The floors on this level slope playfully, undulating to form distinct spaces. The space contains no walls or stairs to create separation, always promoting collaboration and open mindedness. Isolation bubbles allow users to move around the space freely, playing music without disrupting others. The end is intended as a studio space for art and sculpture to be explored.

Sensitive to the surroundings, the roof blends into the ground, becoming accessible to anyone in the park. Views directly into the beach or into the main entrance courtyard are available, as well into the art spaces through skylights. Undulating slabs create a unique landscape that can accommodate a variety of plant life of various root depths.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.