Exterminism - [NULL] Communal

Monika Mitic

Up above a city crumbles as an AI entity takes over what was once a prosperous and abundant land. You could do one of two things, either worship the entity, or survive without it. The thick concrete walls surround the NULL community, hiding and protecting them from the dystopian atmosphere continuously growing above them. The once cold structure is now warmed by the overpopulated number of bodies, filling the air with the smell of sweat and debris. Everyday life consists of finding, trading, and creating things out of scarps – anything to elevate anyone’s chance of survival. Although dark and scarce, this newborn society of equals flourish as relationships between one another continue to develop. Children playing on a plywood structure, a man trading a chair for someone else’s wisdom, equipment artifacts taken apart and built into something new - all capture the selflessness of the NULL community.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.