Ysabel Arboleda

In today’s hyper-capitalist society, students are stuck in an education system that is becoming increasingly out of touch and obsolete. Among the key concerns students are facing today is automation, which renders human work obsolete. To address these issues, education for young children must become more holistic and egalitarian. I propose that Kerr Hall will become an experimental learning site for children. it will contain several different learning environments, designed to promote a desire for exploration and inquiry to solve the problem of climate change and scarcity. The left of the section shows the potential for digital learning, which can simulate any desired environment or produce interactive holograms to interact with. This is followed by a workshop space that is filled with discarded items that can be repurposed. As well, there is space for an “adventure playground” (as described by Majory Allen: "natural playgrounds" or "junk playgrounds", that are typically defined by an ethos of unrestricted play), where children can build their own play structures and experiment with leisure.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.