Maria Nerhus

The fourth part of Memoir center;
MA - The harmonious space in-between two paths

In the future of abundances and reassures everyone have equal opportunities to a long and vital life on earth as the technology within the health care system is highly developed.

Research allows humans to upgrade their bodies as one find solutions to prevent genetic diseases and the public health care offers services to replace organs. A new situation appears as our time as living, breathing humans no longer is rushed forward by the fear of death. A consequence of the advanced technology is that natural deaf becomes a vague concept as to end a life becomes a personal chose.

MY MA center is a naked and harmonious transit zone between life and deaf, a spatial destination for those who have decided that it is time to end their time in our world.

To choose to end your life is one of the biggest decision you can take, and in MY MA one are encouraged to speak together, share memories, experience, and expectation of the time after life.
Surrounded by energy light and water that generate strength and hope, the isolated ritual space aims to motivate and prepare individuals to enter their death with pride and dignity.

Entering pavilion connected to the main axe going from A to B

Infinity gateway to the other side When it’s time to die, one walk through the infinity light shower which brings you to the top of the roof where a golden ball are waiting for you to climb in to it. Safe in the ball one takes the last breath before going for a final sleep.

Manipulated Topographies around two ponds of lighten water

D 1-3
Three common kithcen located on the main axe
Secondary paths connecting individual recovery spaces

Personal recreation space connected to light chimney
Consists of a 3 x3 floor surrounded by curtains and a private washroom

Natural light entering trough a gap between the death lea and the other zones of the death center

Golden circles on the roof: an intimate sphere and the final destination, an intimate sphere to leave your physical body behind

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.