Exterminism: Final Chapter

Ernest Wong

The story is depicted in the form of a graphic novel. Each of the six panels represents an individual chapter. When put together it forms an overarching tapestry, showing the journey of Exterminist scouts and their objective to reinhabit post apocalyptic earth. The architectural tectonics of these people derive from their long period facing scarcity and survival. A task force of four ships is sent to establish a base at Allan Gardens. These buildings evolved from the monolithic space crafts that were sent. These people have fought through catastrophic conflicts and ecological disasters, and over time its architecture has regressed into primitive militaristic forms, asserting dominance over the landscape. Function and efficiency take priority and livability is a lost concept in their effort to achieve their goal to recultivate earth and the result is a machine like, inhumane design. Despite their efforts, the achievability of the motherland’s goal is unknown.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.