A Socialist's Paradise

Daniel Gawel

The capitalist consumerism mindset has exhausted all raw materials and reduced the quality of life. This called for immediate intervention with all available current technologies in materials engineering and gene editing to produce a structure with the natural composition of plant-based infrastructure, modified to massive scales capable of structurally sustaining habitation. This results in an architecture that resembles raw heavy timber, where inhabitants are living in elevated tree fortresses, removed from surface level toxins. Self-sustained food production plant on the Calla Lily trees are harvested and groomed by robotic cranes and drones. The Bird of Paradise tree is the main habitation where socialists will live. All trees are equipped with a single turbine to extract airborne carbon dioxide from ground level into the modified root system; filtering and providing growth medium for the trees. Architecture in this socialist future rehabilitates the natural context by reducing life to the bare necessities, having food, water, shelter provided, and the sharing of material goods.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.