Tetyana Gradyuk

The building sets up to promote a healthy and ecological coexistence with our natural environment. The notion of interconnectedness is presented within this welcome centre where people are presented as an intrinsic part of all life on this planet and thus, we must live in harmony with nature. The building is a microcosm of how the landscape is transforming through human interaction and the natural motions of evolution. The form is split into a static and dynamic components. Where the wooden static scaffolding encourages human participation and our responsibility of forming spaces that are minimal and not intrusive. The surface that penetrates through the skeletal building, is a living structure that inhabits a topography that evolves into the building’s walls, floor, and roof. Throughout the day, the surface moves and changes according to the changing climatic conditions that the the building is situated within. As a microcosm of our own landscape and the first glance of the island, the building presents the belief that everything is in motion and changing. The the timescale in which it changes is the question. 

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.