Konner Mitchener

The Rehabilitation of Reality Centre provides opportunities for paying guests to step out of the simulated world around them and recalibrate. Capsul is one of many amenities provided for guests to experience the real world and acts as a place to store, protect, and celebrate the physical artifacts of human history. Like us, Capsul is constantly growing and adapting according to the needs of our collection. To foster a successful reality rehabilitation, Capsul provides some of the rarest and most significant artifacts of human art, architecture, and technology, all within the confines of the rehabilitation centre. As time marches on, subterranean pods are assembled according to the dimensions of new artifacts. As new pods are completed, Capsul rises upward to accept the new additions.

The top level of Capsul functions as an observatory, where the universe is put on display for guests to gaze upon. As Capsul grows, the observatory rises closer to the limits of our world, providing viewers with the ultimate real experience, a view of the stars unobstructed and unmatched by the simulated metropolis below.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.