Climate Change

Caleb Culmone

The Earth has been depleted and the climate has changed drastically. We have thrown nature out of balance and our species can no longer endure the severe climate. Forest fires have reached our urban centres, flooding has submerged coastal communities, and the economy is in ruins as a result. We have no choice but to leave Earth. Our blind actions today shall be our grandchildren’s pressing problem tomorrow. Why must we leave said the child? Your future does not exist, do we blame the capitalist? Our selfish lifestyles have engraved you with hopelessness. We can only except our fate and beg for forgiveness. For people are not provoked until their entitlement is tested. The issue is our biggest incentive is fear, not love. For we need to experience the consequences to change, may doomsday clear our haze, for which its too late, what will you say? “I wish I knew what I know today”.





Ryerson Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.