Creativity Kit

Cathy Truong

In a society under total automation and abolished capitalism, we do not need to work. When our fundamental physiological needs (food, water, and shelter) are fulfilled, what do we do with ourselves? Without work driving our esteem needs, what will motivate us? What do we want in order to satisfy our need to feel self-fulfilled? How do we get it and how will this influence our relationships and environments?

Our primary priorities now become self-indulgence and self-actualization. We turn to creativity to invent, design, build, and compose not only to grow internally, but also to express externally to society that we are relevant. We exploit ourselves to push to our full creative potential. We become paranoid to those who want to take our ideas so we lead complicated companies and relationships full of abuse, mis-trust, and manipulation to keep our secrets safe.





Ryerson Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.