Privatized Survival

Colton Wood

Manufacturing and production have brought the world to the point of no return. The skies are clouded with pollution, fresh air has become but a distant memory and global resources have become next to exhausted. The only ones left to prosper in this harsh environment became those with wealth. When societies crumbled and cities burned the wealthy took matters into their own hands to develop advanced privatized cities domed off from the rest of the world, advertising salvation for those who can afford it. With fresh air and an orchard of opportunities these domes dichotomized the world around it. This pay to enter oasis fuels itself through exterior factories and power plants that pollute the skies without repercussion and give no work for those outside the city. Their advanced robotics allow them to utilize these factories without any exterior human aid as the external societies continue to perish.





Ryerson Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.