Communism: The Future

Gloria Zhou, Liane Werdina, Natalie Chan, Vivian Kinuthia

Deterioration of natural resources as a result of human interventions and pollution results in an environmental and health crisis and depletion of resources.

The Chip
The technological advancement of the chip created relief from the health crisis, allowing for accessible and automated health care analysis for all.

The Chaos
With this new technology in hand, government bodies utilized the automation of the chip to track other personal data, invading the freedom of society.

The Great Hack
The rebellion of civillians against their governing body resulted in the democratization of all information, thought, and personal data allowing for society to move into a life of complete transparency and overflow of knowledge.

Now exists a world in which there is complete freedom of leisure. People, with the use of the chip, are free to explore endless possibilities of knowledge and wonder while the monotonous tasks of society are automated with advanced technologies.





Ryerson Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.