Case Study House 22: 2037

Dan Rubenzahl

Happy hour has evolved into an eventful evening in the Stahl House, up in the Hollywood Hills. Jim enjoys his third cocktail of the evening, or perhapshis fifth, along with a few of his childhood buddies, all the while his wife Mary and the girls chat about the week’s highlights and the new book club they hope to begin. Down the dark, winding hills and into the city, however, the ordinary civilians of Los Angeles face yet another one of three consecutive days of attack from the Rebellion Forces. Families flee to the streets as they witness the continuous bombings of their neighbors’homes. Many lives have already been lost. Should the conflict continue, the city of Los Angeles will soon be in utter disrepair. Will Jim and the rest of the group quit their partying and contact their high-profile friends in order to help their fellow neighbors in the valley below? Or will they wait until it is too late?

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.