The Giving Tree

Daniel Gawel

Technology in a socialist future may resemble today’s global policies for reversing climate change in action. Fares suggests “an egalitarian society that must work to gather to build it’s relationship with nature... being ecologically sensitive, but without being a total primitivist rejection of modern technology” [Fares, 49]. With current advancements in 3D printing by the medical field of reproducing living tissues, it is reasonable to expect mass printing of our forests in this future. We often fancy technology blindly without fully understanding it’s future impacts, and this future is one that continues to solve issues through a patch work of last minute solutions, however, “large scale transformations on a very short time scale is necessary if we want to pursue a decent and livable world” [Farse, 52]. The Gene Replicating 0-177 Hormone [GR0H] machines feed the Land Impregnating + Forest Extruder [LIFE] machines to complete an ironic acronym “Grow Life”, artificial in it’s digitized and altered spelling, setting a satiric undertone to a soft image.





Ryerson Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.