The Creation Hub

Daniel Jacobs

After facing crises with climate change, world hunger, resource shortages, and massive wars, humanity realized that the only way to survive was to have the world’s citizens band together as equals. Technology flourished under this new world order, eliminating the need for most physical labour, substituting automation and robotics in its place. With their basic needs looked after and with no need to make a living, humanity began to turn to creative endeavours to fill their time, and to bring meaning to their lives. The internet has developed into an online “Creation Hub”, a virtual world where people develop and share ideas, then collaborate on them. Every person has equal access and editing privileges, and people use it to develop and collaborate on everything from scientific technologies, to literature, to recipes. The result is a society flourishing with creativity, where people don’t create to live, but instead, live to create.





Ryerson Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.