Google Games

Erik Aquino

Welcome to Google Games, please login to your account to begin. If you do not have an account, registration can be completed through Google Identity, accompanied by a $100 authorization fee. Today’s game is a Tier 1 event and will begin in approximately 45 minutes, betting polls will open 10 minutes prior to starting. The minimum bet for Tier 1 Games is $10; Tier 2 Games is $50; Tier 3 Games is $100. Today’s “Top Bet Prize” includes a one month free subscription to Google Charts and a $100 credit to your Google Account. Today’s arena participants have been selected from Sector 4a (Riverdale Slums) and are prepared to provide you a great show! If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to contact Google Help by Google Phone (732 -450 - 4112 - 0598) or via Google Mail ( Enjoy the game and best of luck, players!





Ryerson Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.