Housing in Exterminism

Ernest Wong

The intention of this image is to portray the conditions of housing in the not-too-distant Exterminist future, in the form of an average home buyer’s catalogue. In this society, I believe architectural design for both living and militaristic security will be synonymous with each other. As architecture adapts to address the need for greater security to protect remaining sanctuaries within society, the practice of design will evolve to become more lethal. Overtime, this condition of living and design will be completely normal to architects and residents alike. We will become unfazed by measures taken to separate ourselves from the mundane chaos that exists beyond our walls. For those living within remaining sanctuaries, architecture and the way it is represented must create a sense of safety in order to maintain peace. To convey this, the image stylized brightly as an innocent illustration. Painting the picture of an “ideal” home, encouraging those within to live calmly while vaguely ac.knowledging the outside world.

Toronto Metropolitan Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.