Gabriel Garofalo

Every day we experience increasing amounts of integrations between humans and technology. Our technological devices, such as mobile phones and computers, have become extensions on our anatomy, and replicas of our personality. Currently, we are a species that writes our data. When will this narrative change, when will data write us? When will human data become data human? With a world of rising inequality, and mass unemployment, the exchange of a life of struggle for a life of freedom, becomes increasingly favourable. The solution may be a transition between the real and the virtual world. As technology advances and the physical and mental expense of living in the real world escalates, why stay? The digital utopia is an endless realm of freedom and creation. A utopia that can render all things desired in a breath. The utopia that people have always desired may not be a possibility in the physical world, however, the digital world may provide a boundless solution. When will we be.come more data than we are human, if we maintain our consciousness will we ever truly be less human?





Ryerson Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.