Opportunity Bias in Socialism

Gladys Lee

Often enough people’s worth is determined by their amount of physical possessions, perhaps it is in a capitalist society’s nature to nurture a sense of competitiveness when it comes to wealth. It is hard for one who owns so little to amount to anything when opportunities are only presented to the ones who could afford it. It is indeed a “man eat man” world, but what would happen when the masses determined that enough is enough? The project not only seeks to narrate a scene in which there is a clear divide between the elite and the less fortunate, but also to visualize a possible future in which the people break through the wealth gap, banding together in the face of scarcity and inequality to realize a socialist future. In the end, windows of opportunity will not open itself, it is up to the people to pursue it.





Ryerson Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.