Racial and Gender Inequalities in Exterminism

Jacob Deir

After decades and centuries of systematic oppression, after their voices remain unheard by capitalist and government institutions, Marginalised communities boycott and stop contributing to Mainstream and Pop culture. Mass commodified and consumed culture becomes stale quick. Instead of reinvesting into marginalized communities or re-evaluating the current hierarchical system, Big Tech companies propose the use of their patented Artificial Intelligences to become progenitors of culture, ‘filling in the gaps’ left behind. As a result of government support, and capital investments from other industries and sectors, AI has become a dominant class of its own. To make AI marketable, the technology has been rebranded and made accessible in the built world. Women, BIPOC, LGBT+, and everyone in-between are now faced with less and less resources available to them, yet remain vibrant in underground culture only to occasionally emerge into the built world, demonstrating that AI can’t replace people or their identities.





Ryerson Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.