Metropolis Under Siege

Jon Kim

The illustration looks into the concerning future impacted by climate change and the consequences that will soon become our greatest adversary. Within the coming decades rising sea levels will abruptly shake major cities located near the coast. Shifting the worlds focus towards initiating viable places to live. Agricultural super towers will shroud over the panicked, deteriorating cityscape resulting in a hierarchy of place both globally and through major urban centers. People who can afford the luxury of ignorance will coward comfortably within their living towers ostracizing the lower classes as they struggle to survive and circulate this dismal way of living. Ultimately this will cause a scarcity of resources from the collapse of the global trade network which heavily relies on transport by sea and further pollute the canals from the waste of the city streets. Deepening the rift between social classes, changing the way we move throughout a new dystopian environment.





Ryerson Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.