Privacy in Rentism

Konner Mitchener

When the world’s ideas are all owned by a select few, and autonomous machinery eliminates the need for humans in industry, what will we have left to offer in order to survive? Welcome to a world where privacy becomes a luxury that some creators can no longer afford. Would you sell your privacy for a comfortable illusion? Welcome to The Cube! Where your ideas create a better home for us all. With an immersive scenery projector, and an interactive workspace, you’ll have all the tools you need to spark creativity and innovation! Exchange your big ideas for upgraded furniture schematics, exotic meals, and unreal scenery. Subscribe to the home furnishings you love most! Just pay the data fee consisting of your thoughts, ideas, moods, vitals, and general activities. Move in today! The Cube is yours to create.





Ryerson Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.