Policing Without the Police

Kristen Tsoukas

In today’s hyper-capitalistic society, the police are a tool used by the ruling class to protect their privilege and maintain white supremacy at the expense of the working-class. I believe there will be a revolution that will lead us in a socialist direction in the future. The image above depicts the abolishment of not only the police, but the entire capitalist power structure. Female revolutionaries will lead us into this new socialist world: “to be a revolutionary is to want to bring change to a society, in order to promote a world where the needs and issues of the people are responded to” (Angela Davis, 1972). The leaders who will bring us into this new world depicted (from left to right): Marsha P. Johnson (LGBTQ+ activist), Rosa Parks (civil rights activist), Ruby Bridges (civil rights activist), Angela Davis (radical political activist), and Malala Youfsazi (activist for education).





Ryerson Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.