Towers of Babel

Lucy Yang

In a post-labour utopia, the opportunity to create architecture becomes universal. Advancements in technology also provide the means to design and construct anything the mind can possibly imagine. With this freedom, the line between reality and a sandbox game blurs – everyone is free to play in creative mode as the master architect of their own world. The individual who has always dreamed of becoming an architect can now live out their fantasies without restriction. However, in a future of abundance, the selfish individual designs as they see fit and ignorant architecture becomes the norm. Buildings latch onto another, others wrap around neighboring buildings and some continue to stack onto not yet completed structures. The question to be asked now is: when are people truly satisfied with seeing their designs come to life? The frenetic construction of the city appears to be never-ending as it continues to rise above the clouds.





Ryerson Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.