Overpopulation in Rentism

Marte Dale

I remember my grandfather told about this place, where the eye could follow waterways, lakes, hills and mountains. Everything so real, everything so old. An experience you couldn’t convey in words. He then taught me that every shining pine needle, all the sandy beaches, every veil of haze in the dark forests, every illumination and all the buzzing insects are sacred to the traditions and consciousness of our people. I’m glad he doesn’t experience this lost landscape, this shared loss.

Today, a shared value, freedom, and identity is being dominated by the hierarchy’s ability to overcome. Our most important right, the public right of access, is narrowed day by day by the growing populations need. Untouched nature is gaining an ever-increasing value. No one should be able to own the purity of the air or the glitter of the water.





Ryerson Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.