Digital Labour

Michael Evola

Rentism; abundance and hierarchy. The trade of scripts drives the economy. Personal devices create all material objects. Labour is not existent. The ownership of script intellectual property forms finan.cial hierarchy. An inevitable small figure of owners removes the middle class. Few have many, many have few. Office and commercial spaces are a rarity. Residential architecture is the primary form of architectural typology. Design complexity divides society through financial accessibility. Simplicity has no value. Poverty is the ownership of common goods. The impoverished own the same clothes, the same cars, the same house. All things artificial are greatest in abundance. Characteristics of a natural, non-material world are a rarity. Colour, light, animals and vegetation are luxuries. The to the sky, to the sun, the richer. The non-artificial world, the real world is the greatest desire.





Ryerson Department of  Architectural Science Toronto, CA.